SNA Awards

SNA Awards Program

September 2021, the School Nutrition Association made some major changes to the SNA Awards Program so all members can be recognized for their hard work to ensure well-nourished students across the country are prepared for success.

Nominations must be submitted online by March 1. There are SNA awards to recognize every member type:

Congratulations to MSNA’s 2023 Award Winners!

Congratulations Connie!!

SNA’s National Employee of the Year, SNA Mountain Plains Region Employee of the Year, and MSNA’s 2023 Employee of the Year, Connie Kingsley, Lee’s Summit R-VII School District

Connie was previously a Lee’s Summit manager, she retired, and then later returned to the district when health issues forced the retirement of the district’s inventory specialist.  In this position, Connie provides excellent customer service to the district managers.  She has a thorough understanding of the ordering system, the products, when there are code changes, and when there are pack size changes.  This understanding makes ordering less stressful for district managers.  Connie is very organized, efficient, and dependable just to list a few of her assets she brings to the district.  She has been a MSNA/SNA member since September, 2003 and holds a Level I Certificate.  Connie will be recognized on a virtual ceremony hosted by SNA President Lori Adkins in early May.  She will also be recognized at the MSNA State Conference in October and her nomination has been submitted for the SNA Mountain Plains Region EOY Award.


Congratulations Stacey!!

SNA Mountain Plains Region Manager of the Year, and MSNA’s 2023 Manager of the Year, Stacey Carter, Lee’s Summit R-VII School District

Stacey is always thinking of her students and staff, trying to offer them unique and new menu ideas.  She creates great grab-and-go meals so her customers have minimal wait time in line.  Promoting Farm to Table is very important to Stacey.  She comes up with recipes to encourage students to try farm-fresh fruits and veggies in different ways.  Some of her recipes have been standardized and shared with other school districts.  Stacey has been a great mentor to interns from local colleges working on their Master’s degree in dietetics.  The interns and their program coordinators provide great feedback when the interns shadow Stacey.  She has very low turnover in her kitchen that lends to her own style of orientation, including operation of all equipment in their kitchen, how to cashier, and all safety protocols, to name a few areas of concentration.  She has been a MSNA/SNA member since October, 2016 and holds a Level 1 Certificate.  Stacey will be recognized on a virtual ceremony hosted by SNA President Lori Adkins in early May.  She will also be recognized at the MSNA State Conference in October and her nomination has been submitted for the SNA Mountain Plains Region MOY Award.


MSNA’s 2023 Director of the Year, Carmen Fischer, Rockwood R-VI School District

One of many Carmen’s achievements is the district’s school school nutrition website.  It’s filled with national and state regulations and specific district updates important to parents and students, alike.  She has a farm to school program, which is unique in her area of the state.  Carmen was honored at the White House in 2011 for the Healthier School Lunch Challenge.  She was the first in Missouri to receive the award.  In a district with 29 schools and over 20,000 students, Carmen jumps in to help wherever she’s needed.  On any given day, she can be found in the prep area of a kitchen to cashiering to support her staff.  Carmen runs the Wellness Committee for her district.  Her leadership in this area has brought awareness and goal setting standards.  Carmen attends school board meetings to present updates regarding staffing, wages, and promotions.  Carmen participates in Partners in Education Career Shadowing at her district.  This opportunity gives students a one-on-one discussion with her regarding dietetics or available school food service fields.  From 2004 – 2015, Carmen partnered with three universities to precept dietetic interns.  Carmen has served Missouri SNA as president, vice president, legislative committee chair, and is the current treasurer.  She has attended multiple SNA annual national conferences, SNA School Nutrition Industry Conferences, SNA Legislative Action Conferences in Washington, D.C., and SNA National Leadership Conferences.  Carmen has participated in National Food Service Management Institute training and as an expert panel member at Ole Miss for “Recess Before Lunch”.  She has been an active member in the St. Louis Dairy Council Advisory Board for the past several years.  Carmen has been a MSNA/SNA member since January, 2001 and is SNS Credentialed.  Carmen will be recognized on a virtual ceremony hosted by SNA President Lori Adkins in early May.  She will also be recognized at the MSNA State Conference in October and her nomination has been submitted for the SNA Mountain Plains Region DOY Award.

3% Participation Increase

The 3% Increase Participation Awards for the 2022-2023 school year have been updated.   The submission date is June 1, 2023.

Download the 2022-23 3% Breakfast Award Application Application and the 2022-23 3% Lunch Award Application using these links.

Star Club


The School Nutrition Foundation is teaming up with the industry partners listed below to provide new kitchen equipment to deserving districts! Apply now for the 2023 SNF Equipment Grant Program, featuring applications for not one but FIVE grants!

Thank you to our generous donors: Winston Foodservice, ITW Food Equipment Group/ Vulcan and Hobart Brands, Food Warming Equipment (FWE), Cambro Manufacturing, Innoseal Systems, Sterling Manufacturing, and Sterno Delivery! 

The 2023 Equipment Grants Application(s) will open on November 1, 2022. Eligible applicants have the opportunity to win equipment grants, each worth between $20,000 to $100,000 of equipment. Applications and photos must be submitted by a school nutrition director. There is a submission cap of 30 applications for each grant. The recipients will be notified in late-April. This year, only finalists will be asked to submit a 2-3-minute video. Watch a video on how to use the new application format here.

Learn more and download applications.

Achieve your educational dreams with an education scholarship from the School Nutrition Foundation! Professional Development Scholarships provide SNA members with funding for tuition and books for the following school year.

To find out more and for the application, click HERE!

For more information and applications about the SNA Conference Scholarships, CLICK HERE!

This $1000 scholarship opportunity provides current MSNA members the opportunity to attend the SNA Annual National Conference.

Deadline to apply is April 15

Scholarship awarded May 1

For scholarship application, CLICK HERE!

For supervisor approval form, CLICK HERE!

Our first Missouri Scholarship for School Food Service employees and/or their children was named after Earl Langkop.  He is believed to the the first State Director of Food Services in Missouri.  He started the job July 1, 1948 and retired March 31, 1975.  Mr. Langkop was found to be truly concerned with the quality of meals served in Missouri Schools.  The scholarship fund that bears his name was started to honor him at the time of his retirement.  He died about a year after his retirement.

Please click here for the Earl Langkop Scholarship Application.

David R. Page was the Director of Food Services in St. Louis and instrumental in starting the Missouri School Food Service Association in 1954.  Mr. Page served as President of the association in 1965-66.  He also served as President of ASFSA and was involved in that association.  Mr. Page was a strong proponent of staff development and continuing education.  Thus, when he died suddenly, the food service and school personnel of St. Louis set up a scholarship fund through Missouri School Nutrition Association, formerly MSFSA for the further development of current school food service personnel through tuition payment and registration fees related to continuing education activities. MSNA, formerly MSFSA is also authorized to utilize this fund for statewide professional development programs, but has been fortunate not to have to utilize it for that purpose, leaving it to benefit individuals.

Click here for the David R. Page Scholarship Application

To:                          All Missouri School Nutrition Association (MSNA) members

From:                    MSNA Board of Directors

Subject:               Pursuing Excellence in Child Nutrition Scholarship

The Missouri School Nutrition Association supports the Pursuing Excellence in Child Nutrition scholarship program for MSNA members wishing to become Certified and/or Credentialed!

SNA’s Certification Program is based on the standards of practice and indicators in the Keys to Excellence in School Food and Nutrition Programs that define nationally accepted standards for quality programs.  MSNA encourages every member to become nationally Certified and/or Credentialed through the SNA professional development program.  To help make it possible, MSNA will reimburse every member for the first year application fee associated with the level of Certification/Credentialing, along with the exam fee for Credentialing.

Certification:  All Levels

Any MSNA member pursuing SNA Certification can apply for reimbursement for the application fees ($20-$35).  After successfully achieving any new level of Certification, MSNA members can also apply for reimbursement for the application fee associated with the new level ($20-$35).


MSNA members wishing to become Credentialed will be reimbursed for the testing fees ($225) when they successfully pass the examination.  In addition, newly Credentialed members will be eligible to receive reimbursement for their first year dues ($70).

Go to the SNA website and click on the Careers & Training/Certificate & Credentialing tabs for complete eligibility requirements.

For MSNA Certification/Credentialing Reimbursement Request Form, email the MSNA office at

For MSNA Certification/Credentialing Reimbursement Request Form, Click HERE!