Join the Missouri SNA

School District Owned Membership

A membership that is owned by a school district (or state agency) in the name of an individual. This membership can be transferred to another employee in the same membership category if the original member/person leaves the district. SDM allows you to group all of your memberships together so that you can receive one invoice for all of your renewals once or twice a year (or as requested). The SDM is managed by a designated administrator within the school district (or state agency). SDM members still receive all the same benefits of individual membership. For more information, please visit For a full guide about SDM, please visit

Industry Membership

The Industry Membership form is now part of the Annual Conference Exhibitor Registration form. There is a blank on the form to indicate membership only. Annual Industry membership is only $50.00. The membership fee entitles your company to several things, a list of the MSNA conference attendees, notice of upcoming annual Regional Meetings in your area, a company link on the Industry page of the website and also a copy of the Spring and Fall issues of the MSNA Messenger. Please email the MSNA office at for the current form.

Star Club

The School Nutrition Association (SNA) is the strong organization it is today because of members like you who recognize the value of SNA membership and the benefits it provides to your career, your school nutrition programs and the children you serve. You can help build the future of SNA by recruiting new members and retaining existing members. In recognition of your recruiting and retention efforts you will become part of SNA’s exclusive Star Club! For more information, visit