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School Nutrition Equipment Grants Available!

Midwest Dairy is pleased to offer School Nutrition Equipment Grants for the 2018-2019 school year. The on-line grant application will be open from April 1-30, 2018. The purpose of the grant is to assist School Nutrition Directors in the purchase of equipment that will enhance the long-term implementation of their school meal programs with a preference to increasing school breakfasts served outside the cafeteria and afterschool suppers. Schools may apply for up to $5000 to purchase foodservice equipment for the storage, handling and delivery of dairy foods. Equipment may include insulated bags, transportation carts, kiosks or remote point of sale equipment for meals sold outside of the cafeteria. For more information, watch this short video on how to complete a successful grant application. These grants are competitive and not all applications will be approved for funding even if all requirements are met. Please reach out to Jessica Mackey with questions-

Dollars for Dairy!  Funding Opportunities for Your School… Earn Up to $2,000.00!

Does your school need moo-lah?  St. Louis District Dairy Council is accepting applications for Dollars for Dairy grants to help schools increase participation in  school meals or promote dairy items like smoothies, parfaits, or single-serve yogurt and cheese.  Consider alternative breakfast programs such as Breakfast in the Classroom or Grab and Go Breakfast to improve participation and reach more students with a healthy breakfast. Click HERE to download an electronic version of the easy-to-complete 2-page application and to get more ideas on how to use funding.  Don’t delay, the deadline is June 18, 2018.

2018 Legislative Action Conference by Carmen Fischer, MSNA Legislative Committee Chair

LAC is my favorite conference, we learn how regulations are changing, who the movers and shakers are in Washington DC and then try our hand at influencing law makers on Capitol Hill.

Sunday and Monday we received specific information about the SNA 2018 Position Paper issues;

  1. Oppose any effort to block grant school meal programs.
  2. Support H.R. 3738, the Healthy Breakfasts Help Kids Learn Act, to provide 6 cents in USDA Foods (commodities) for every school breakfast served.
  3. Continue to monitor and support USDA’s work to simplify overly burdensome child nutrition mandates to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

 See the 2018 Talking Points sheet here for details.

Tuesday morning nine Missouri SNA members headed to Capitol Hill and met with seven of our ten members of Congress or their staff. We had wonderful meetings with many of the offices.

I encourage everyone to reach out to their member of Congress and ask for a meeting when the member is back in their local office to discuss the position paper topics.  While it was impactful for us to reach out to them in Washington DC, it’s even more powerful when the members from their area visit with them about how USDA funding is vital to our programs.  Invite them to breakfast or lunch at school so they can see firsthand the students we are feeding and teaching, by example, the importance of a variety of fruits and vegetables in a well-balanced meal.

Left to right: Mike Burke, Kevin Gorsage, Matthew Essner, Representative Vicky Hartzler, Carmen Fischer, Carroll Bender, Katie Gegg, Jill Morey, Evelyn Reis, Faraby Reis

SNAC Bites for April, 2018

For April, 2018 SNAC Bites, click here!

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